"Dream bass" threads are always fun and I thought up an interesting spin on it that might actually bring up some useful information too.

The rules: Pick a production model bass (or a custom shop model if you already own one) for each genre you play or would like to play plus one you would use as an 'all round' bass. You can only use a model once and a short explanation for each choice would be nice too.

For example, here's my selection:

All round / hard rock:
Fender American Standard Precision Bass V. It's really all I need from a bass. Precision + pick + SS rounds + dirt = pure sex.

Fender American Vintage '75 Jazz Bass. The 70's jazz bass's pickup spacing (closer to the bridge) makes the 'honk' from it amazing. That said I would have to replace the neck with a Precision neck as I find thin necks interfere with my slap playing.

Reggae / ska:
Gibson EB3. I recently had an Epiphone EB3 and, while they have a bad rep, the smooth and boomy tone from the 'mudbucker' is perfect for reggae in my opinion. I'd have to sort out the neck dive though.

Prog/technical metal / jazz:
Warwick Thumb 6. Can't beat a Wick's tone! I think for both these styles I'd really need an extended range bass so I could really play around the neck and sync up with the other instruments. I would have picked an Ibanez (regardless of sound, I hate Warwick shapes) but the necks on most of their basses are just too small.

Pop rock / Britpop / "Indie" / etc:
Rickenbacker 4003. Sounds like an odd choice but recently I joined a band where the style of music means I can really only write simplistic basslines, similar to Franz Ferdinand's basslines. The power and punch of the Rick (well my copy at least ) just seems to bring the simplisting lines to life and I actually end up enjoying just playing route fourths!

So you get the idea.
Ibanez SR or BTB series basses.
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Current Gear:
Ibanez SR755 5-string bass
Acoustic B10 amplifier
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A Fender. Jazz bass alder body in olympic white with a red tortoiseshell pickguard. Jazz bass flamed maple 21-fret neck with a rosewood fretboard and block mother of pearl inlays without the binding. Fender vintage Jazz bass pup at the bridge, Fender vintage P-bass pick-up fitted at the neck. *Drool*

That would cover the majority of my needs. The rest would be covered by a 57 precision bass with a maple fretboard (one of the white ones with the gold pickguard) for the hard rock and punk stuff.

I'd also have a nice Warwick Corvette $$ custom out of the fancy woods, probably bubinga, predominantly just to sit and stare it, and also if I fancy playing some Jamiroquai or something metal.
Rock: Fender precision because it's has a strong punchy mid range tone that would suit any rock band.

indie: Fender 51 precision because I saw a band on a BBC3 program about glastonbury festival's unsigned tent using one and his tone was perfect.

Reggae/ska: Any large hollow body bass. These basses make the best thump tone ever.

Pop: Lakland 55-02 simply because pop is a vastly wide genre that requires a very versatile bass

All rounder: My parts build jazz bass because I've never found a group that it sounded wrong for.
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The rest would be covered by a 57 precision bass with a maple fretboard (one of the white ones with the gold pickguard) for the hard rock and punk stuff.

oh thats sexy. i want one.
All around bass:
A Zon Sonus 5. IMO Zon has nailed the balance between graphite and wood. The Sonus 5 is a perfectly versatile bass, my favorite composite neck, and an optional electronics package that does everything I would want. I know its not exactly a production instrument, but if you choose from the standard option list its more like Carvin, not standard production, but not completely custom.

Fender American Standard Precision. The quintessential punk bass. And because I'm a P bass man when it comes to Fender, and really, what can't you do on a P bass?

So pop doesn't fit as well together with ska/reggae, but I'd use this bass for all 3. A Steinberger XL. I absolutely love the feel of their necks, and they have an absolutely fantastic tone. Thumpy enough, but there's plenty enough clarity to keep from dissolving into mud.

Prog/technical metal:
A Yamaha TRB6ii. My favorite 6-er that I've played. Reminds me of a heavyweight Ibanez with more normal string spacing.

A G&L L2000 or ASAT (both essentially the same with different body shapes). Feels like a Fender, sounds like a Stingray HH with a fantastic electronics package.
Composite Aficionado

Spector and Markbass
rock: about 300 Fender Precision Basses (I'd have to smash them all the time, it's rock maybe even light a couple on fire)

metal: Gibson Ripper Bass

funk: Fender '62 Jazz Bass

reggae: Original Fender Telecaster Bass
Fender 5 String Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Peavey TNT 115
EHX Bass Big Muff Pi
Daneletro Cool Cat OD V2 (excellent pedal)
Paul Reed Smith SE Custom Semi-Hollow
Peavey Classic 30
Vox V845 Classic Wah Pedal
For punk/pop: Lakland 44-64 custom. http://www.lakland.com/44-64-custom.htm

For jazz: Spector Coda. http://www.spectorbass.com/usa/bolt-on/coda_4.html

For funk: Alembic Series II. http://www.alembic.com/prod/seriesii.html

For British stuff: http://www.rickenbacker.com/model.asp?model=4003

For an all-around bass: Either a Spector NS-2 http://www.spectorbass.com/usa/neck-thru/ns-2.html or a Warwick Corvette http://www.warwickbass.com/modules/produkte/produkt.php?katID=22017&cl=EN

And for the shit n' gigs genre, I present: Ibanez Ashula. http://www.ibanez.com/news?ceId=2914&cat=4

Fender Jazz
Spector Legend Custom 5
Yamaha BB415

Fender Bassman 400 Pro
rock: Jazz I love jazzs.

punk: kramer forum III, I own this already and it gets a good amount of P bass punch, but Im WAY to much of an nonconformist to play a P bass.

primus-y nuclear rabbit-y experimental: my schecter custom 6 I love it to death and can get a god deal of tones out of it.

funk: you wouldn't catch me dead playing funk, I'll throw some funk into other genres, but i wouldn't really ever be in a funk band.

classical/jazz/folk: a fretless p bass. the boom and the mwah the lack of sustain, it's where its at.
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I'll include pictures just to be annoying
All round:
Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 String.

I've wanted one of these for years, and I WILL own one... One day... As versatile as Ditto itself, tone to kill for. So look out.

I want to say Stingray... But I really don't like the feel of them, they feel tiny in my hands . Soooo, probably a... Fender Marcus Miller 5er.

Reggae / ska:
Gretsch White Falcon. Hollow, smooth and boomy.

Prog/technical metal / jazz:
My Spector Euro 5. Don't have a small enough pic so here's a hotlinked one...
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Pop rock / Britpop / "Indie" / etc:
Gibson T-Bird. Never really got over selling my Epi, I still think about buying another one and modding it to hell and back. I'll probably just drop the money on a Gibson one, one day.
I'll give this a go

Funk: 5 string stingray with a maple neck. Maple for that snappy slap, and the low B just in case I need to go down. Only need the one pickup, because the second gets in the way of slapping.

Death Metal: I'm gonna go with a Bongo 6 for this one. Awesome preamp, six strings, pickups are in the perfect spot for that death metal clank.

Prog rock: Rickenbacker. I'm in love with Chris Squire's tone from close to the edge

Indie/Rock: Fender Jazz. Fits the look, it's reliable and versatile while still staying classy.

Random solo bass stuff: Dingwall Z3 5 string. Tune this baby up to AGDCF and I'm good to go. The multiscale neck gives you even tone and amazing intonation. Add the sexy body woods and it's sold in no time.

Overall, I'd go with a Dingwall Z3

Edit: +1 to Spaz for making this thread
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Jon recommended a Rick?


Seriously; for the following:

Hard Rock/Classic Rock: Fender Precision Bass.

Funk: Fender Jazz (or some custom clone).

Reggae: Fender Jazz or a really cool Alembic.

Progressive Rock: The sky's the limit on this one. Anything from Geddy Lee's Fender Jazz to a good Ibanez SR to John Myung's various six-string basses - though I'm still not convinced about the MM Bongo.

Metal: Ibanez SR Series'

BritPop: Rickenbacker or Epiphone semi-solid.
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Variax 705.

Variax Bass 705 Models based on*:

  • 1961 Fender® Jazz Bass®
  • 1960 Fender® Jazz Bass® with flatwound strings
  • 2004 Fender® Deluxe Jazz Bass®
  • Fretless 1961 Fender® Jazz Bass®
  • 1963 Fender® Precision Bass®
  • 1958 Fender® Precision Bass® with flatwound strings
  • 1977 Music Man® Sting Ray®
  • 2003 Modulus® Flea Bass
  • 1971 Rickenbacker® 4001
  • 1963 Rickenbacker® 4001 with flatwound strings
  • 1966 Danelectro® Longhorn Bass
  • 1963 Höfner® Model 500/1 with flatwound strings
  • 1963 Gibson® Thunderbird 4
  • 1966 Gibson® EB-2D with flatwound strings
  • 2002 MTD® 535 35-inch scale
  • 2003 Warwick® Thumb
  • 1978 Alembic Long Scale
  • 1984 Steinberger® XL2
  • 1968 Hagström® H8
  • 1994 Hamer® B12A
  • 2003 Tacoma® Thunderchief
  • 1949 Kay® M-1
  • Inspired by classic Moog MiniMoog bass sounds
  • Inspired by modern bass synth sounds
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Jon recommended a Rick?


This was written a long time ago and, if you'll look, this was based on the Rick copy I had at the time which was far superior to the real deal. It had a working truss rod, hard frets and even output enough to fucking hear it.

I would like to change my opinion to be either a Precision bass copy or any bass that has two large humbuckers with coil taps.