Is this a good trade both are in great conditions
Which one is more versatile
I play some blues rock and and 70's style rock
and every know and then red hot chili peppers
anyone have experience with the orange
I feel that my mesa is a bit too heavy

I'm thinkin the rocker may be voiced better but your Mesa should be able to get what you want with a lower gain setting. What are your settings? RHCP is more of a cranked EL34 tone anyway so ...

What else do you play?
Is this a head?
I'm on a cell phone so I can't look both of these amps up right now. Lower watts is probably a good thing. Never played either amp sorry.
I play on the modern setting with scooped settings.
I use a good amount of gain because my band used to play a lot of pantara but I've grown out of jamming that all the time and want an amp with a real good blues tone.
I got the chance to mess around with a rocker 30 and love the british tone and the clean is really great saves me the time of dialing my mesa so I'm probably going through with the trade.

well in that case I think you are on the right track. I've played some orange now but not that amp. if you plan to sell your amp can I ask what your total budget would be? do you want a combo or head/cab? what other amps are in your area and/or are you interested in?

where are you?

Have you tried the new ElectraDyne or TransAtlantic and what is your opinion of the Lonestar, Nomad, DC series, Subway, etc?
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