There seems to be problem with these very easy licks with sixteenth notes at mid-tempos. I haven't found any lessons that regard the picking in those licks:
e:-----13p10--10- and repeat

and same thing with this lick:

e:-----12p8---8 and repeat

Are they supposed to be played the way I put the downpicks and upstrokes? And how are you supposed to play that 2 string sweep with 10th frets in the first lick with your index finger so that the other string isn't ringing at the same time?
That would be the way I would pick it. Either that, or a Gilbert style alt picking thing. Depends on the sound I want.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

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I find it easier to play those with sweep picking. Don't forget to roll your finger in the first lick so that the two 10's don't ring out together.
Yeah I guess that would help. Not that it is easy but I guess practice will do it.