first off, I totally agree with other Aaron, it does feel repetitive, but like already suggested, vocals would go a long way in helping with that. Guitar intro is excellent, bit sloppy playing, but I love the effect. Everything comes in a bit suddenly, I'd like to see more of a build-up, possibly introducing other instruments, strings and the like. However, maybe you don't have the resources right now, so just a suggestion. It would definitely aid the awesome epic vibe you got going. Also, like noted above, throughout the whole thing playing could be a bit tighter, maybe spend some more time tracking.
Drums are sounding alright, but they seem to get a bit lost under the guitars, I'd raise the level in the mix, or compress them a bit harder to really get the driving the track.
A final point, adding some bass would have a massive effect, and would really help fill it out and tie it together in general.

Overall man, I think this is a really epic song! I genuinely like it, and with a bit more attention you totally got something!

It might not be your style, but take a quick look at my song?

Before I begin let me say I enjoy Explosions in the Sky and various music along the lines of that (post-rock essentially).

Intro: I like it, nothing special but it sounds good and does its job.

The melodic guitar over this arpeggio is great. I love the riffs that come into play. At this point I am noticing your playing could be more spot on, perhaps use a metronome?

When the distortion comes in it is really great to here the dynamics in the song change so significantly. Examining the song length this build up sort of section almost requires more length to the song. It seems like not enough is occurring. A song should essentially tell a story, and the story being told here is lost in translation because the pacing is off.

I enjoy the way the song fades out with strange distortion/delay/reverb/whatever fading into acoustic.

Ultimately there are not too many musical ideas occurring here, but for what it is worth it is a pretty great listen. Your tonality overall is great the recording/mix is excellent for the style. I wouldn't mind some shoegaze vocals over this, especially if you extended it a bit.

Good Song. Sounds like a perfectly up-to-par intro for any Agalloch album. I liked the two echoey guitars at the beginning, but they need to be more on time. Also, during the distortion, when the double bass and hi-hat come in, i kind of expected it to erupt into something more (which it could). I'd love to see it open up to something like your Finding an End 2.0 (which i liked a lot). Keep up the good work.

Feel free to crit my newest song: Deathcore July 2010 at: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/kamjam7/ , or any others.