Luna Kiss are band based in Coventry, UK. We are seeking to change how people see/hear rock music, with subtle and arguably cheeky time signatures, suspensions and sevenths and an inane desire to do nothing but please the ears of strangers.

Listen to our stuff and give us feedback, you can hear and download our 2-track EP from our soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/luna-kiss/sets/start-of-our-ep

And add us on facebook and chat to us here: Luna Kiss - Facebook Page

We also have a brand new music video on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5oFAobfFRY

It would be great to hear what people think,
Luna Kiss
Listening to Silver Lining now.
I can tell you guys have been listening to Teflon by TMV. The vocal melody reminds me a lot of it. :P
The feel change going into the guitar solo was tasty. Very sick. I would be careful with how much reverb you use on the vocals / backing guitars, because it muds it up just a tiny bit. Sometimes the spaciness compromises clarity, but it could just be the youtube quality of the video responsible for it.

The intro was sweet. Very simple classic rock lines got tweaked into more modal inspired lines, which was a welcome twist, and really brought a freshness to it. Your drummer has some cool ideas. I dug his odd fill around 3:10. It had a cool unorganized feel to it, especially with the unkicked crash in a weird spot.

But seriously cool. You guys have a huge sound, which is great to hear. Check out my band Helicopria if you would. We are all huge TMV fans, but are trying to do something really different as well in the progressive rock genre.
Thanks for the feedback! I know what you mean with the reverb, its too much, can't wait to re-record it. Is the song sycophant on your profile with Helicopria? Because its an awsome tune, theres defiantly some omar rodriguez in there! :P and loving the breakdown at about 1:43. Love to play with you guys, would be sick.

i noticed your at Berklee, i had a college tutor from there over here in England, he used to bring his dog to lectures!