You have to consider if you will run center negative powered pedals as well as positive tip. Another consideration is whether you will need 12V and 18V as well as 9VAC or any other power requirements.
Stinkfoot's website is very informative, I always recommend it to anyone looking for a power supply. Besides the points I mentioned earlier in the post, it's a good thing to also know the mA requirements of your pedals, it helps to determine what your power needs are. Knowing all that, PSUs w/ isolated outlets and a Toroidal transformer is a good way to go. These 2 qualities is a PSU will help you in minimizing any potential noise or hum from your power source. Something like the Voodoo Lab power units are safe recommendations as well as T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr or Chameleon. The original Fuel Tank is not isolated nor w/ a Toroidal transformer. Good luck!
The BBE Supacharger is a great, affordable PSU. Its a clone of the Voodoo Labs PP2, so its got isolated outputs, but it lacks the sag feature (with the pedals you have, I doubt you would use it anyway)
I've got a friend building a power supply for me at the moment. He came around the other evening and dismantled a couple of pedals, took a bunch of readings and said he should have something ready by the weekend. He was a roadie in the 80s and has built numerous bits of kit for bands over the years.
Total cost to me will be less than half of a Power Brick (plus a couple of beers), hum/noise resistant and approximately the size of a pack of 20 cigarettes.

It's taken him a while to sort it out because of polarities, grounding issues and various mA requirements (and some other stuff that was in code...) butnow he has the teething issues sorted out he is considering making them to order.
I'd say get the BBE Supa Charger. The only problem I've run into is ordering it. Everywhere that buys BBE direct has it on sale for $100, but pretty much EVERY one of those stores is backordered for some odd reason. On the other hand, if you buy from Musician's Friend, you could get it within 3-5 business days but have to pay $150.

All depends on how much you wanna spend..
Build your own around an LM317T. Better and cheaper than you can buy.
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