So what is your opinion on social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace?

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is bebo still around?
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i don't like facebook much, but it can come in handy for arranging stuff and laughing at photos.
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I like Facebook for the most part, Myspace is no good anymore, and Twitter isn't made for everyone.
I've been using Friendster, but all my friends are pressuring me to get a myspace. Should I?
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it wouldn't surprise me if UG goes down within the next couple months, along with other privately owned sites

December 14, 2017
I like to use those sites to show stupid pictures of people/hot girls I know to my friends.
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they are fun to creep chicks with lol
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Thanks, douche.

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I don't do facebook a lot, but it kind of keeps me connected to my freinds I guess

I never liked twitter, it seems like it's just taking the "post whats on your mind" part of facebook, and making an entirely new website based on that... no clue why it's so popular.

I never got into myspace, but it could be convinient for some things.

Honestly, I think someone needs to make a new one, all of them now are getting much less popular, and what ever happened to actually hanging out with your friends face to face!
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Never used one. Except UG.
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I've been using Friendster, but all my friends are pressuring me to get a myspace. Should I?

Don't, it's pretty much dead and was never that great to begin with.
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They'll have their time. Everything has its time.

In 50 years it'll be another Yo-Yo or hula hoop. The only difference is it won't be cluttering up a landfill. That's good, I guess.
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It's funny how quickly myspace died. Completely dead as a doornail. I don't object to Facebook, it can get a bit too addictive, but it's quite a nicely done site. Twitter, bleh. If I become famous I'll set one up.
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I don't have either. Only brings trouble, I rather just text or my my closest friends...call me old fashioned or whatever.
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I used to like facebook, though it's starting to become very invasive. I keep it though because it has its uses.
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hot girls I know to my friends.

this. Facebook is shite but I use it all the time - MySpace is shit and I completely forgot about bebo! That was class for looking at chavs pages, spent many a night as a 15 year old doing that. Twitter is really annoying, it's the worst parts of facebook manifested into one shitty website, but in the most part they're all shit.
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I had one and i never used it, I really didn't see the point of having one....but then again most people call me anti-social, even though i'm not.