hi I'm interested in buying a jsx combo. It's 500 bucks which is damn good for a jsx. But i was wondering if all you guitar guys would agree that it's a good buy. I play rock and metal. I once described my playing/ musical style as "If Metallica and Dream Theater had a baby, but then it was raised by Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) and Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)". I play in 2 bands and play some small but also some medium sized events. I'll be off to college next year and want an amp that I can keep in my room, a combo, and an amp that is a solid amp for playing in a band at college as well. The tone i love is Petrucci, Satch, and Vai. Those guys' tone is sick although each is different although I hear similarities in Petrucci's melodic lead tone ( a la Hollow Years, Through her eyes) and much of satriani's lead tone ( a la Out of the Sunrise, Always with me Always with you). Is this a good deal? Anyone who's played this amp? Thanks so much.
It will do you well. It can do just about anything. And yeah... $500 is pretty low but then again I don' think I've ever seen a used combo.
I have a huge fear if rays.
last time i checked that amp was over 1k brand new, so yes that is a good deal.
Very good deal on a very good amp. It's satchs signature I believe so it will get you tones comparable to his.

Awesome overdrive and crystal cleans, a very versatile amp.
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$500 is a good deal for a great amp. If the tubes have plenty of life left in them, I'd say jump on it. The amp takes pedals very well too.
I asked and yes the tubes are still good I think I just might do it. I love satch's tone so much it seems llike the right amp for me. It has everything I want well I 'd like a boost feature but beyond that it has 3 channels, plenty of gain, great tone, presence, resonance, reverb. Such a sick amp. You think it's dumb to buy it without playing? The amp could go quickly and it's at a guitar center in south dakota and it can't leave the store without being paid for...
Thats chunky dude it sounds great! Quick question tho...I played a carvin v3 about 2 months ago and really liked it and found one for 400 bucks for the head and thats rediculously good. of course I'd end up spending more since I would have to buy a cab but would that be even better or not?