hey iv been playing for about 2 and a half years now
and i just realized i rest my hand on my tremolo when i play
(vintage tremolo) is this a bad habbit
i cant play very fast and i would like too
what do you think?
I can't imagine it being a very good idea. But I'm no expert I can't say for sure.

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If you've very lightly resting your hand on it then it isn't so bad, otherwise you risk pressing down on it and changing pitch accidentally.

It could be considered a form of "anchoring" which some say holds you back. Others say it helps you.
I rest my hand on the bridge and also anchor the pinky all the time. I anchor beacause that's how I learned to play, and I taught myself to kinda mute the strings when they're not needed. It's especially useful when playing fast or sweeping.

I doubt it's affecting your speed tbh, I have no problems playing fast.
You need to remember to relax. That's the most important thing. You're not going to play fast if you're tensed up - basically what this means don't grip the pick tightly and relax your wrist, be very gentle on the strings. Basically when playing an unplugged guitar, you should barely (if at all) be able to hear yourself playing fast passages. That's how light and gentle you should be, both with your picking and fretting hands. Amp should do all the work of getting it loud.
It's probably a bad idea to do this. As far as anchoring in general is concerned, you're going to get different opinions about it. Some players like it, others don't, but it's generally considered a bad habit because it takes away from your picking's fluidity.