Hey everyone so Im not a frequent poster here but I've only been here a month maybe and a friend of a friend has lent me some gear!

I'd like to get some opinions and maybe a little advice how to treat and get the best performance from the amp and electric guitar I'm borrowing kay? cool

So... If you check out my community page under this same name I've got pics uploaded but for the pros lol It's a baby blue Fender custom with maple neck and replaced pick ups and the amp is a 15-watt Behringer GM108.

As this is a thread for guitars I'll stick to that here
Its got a really low action compared to my acoustic and is the first electric guitar I've ever held and I was sooo surprised by the weight of the solid body. I feel like I could carry my acoustic around all day now! Also its got all 6 strings steel i mean I'm very new to guitars after playing the beat up ol' acoustic for a month only but as a novice id love to know a little bit more about this guitar and what to expect and how to get the best sound from it. Anyone?

Thanks so much everyone
Are you a girl or just really really really new to guitar? The vague information with more emoticons than matter leads me to believe it could be both.
Wat the above guy said. I can't even remember seeing a girl on UG. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough... :L
Anyway. If you're not, sorry.
As for the amp which I know a little about... Good lucky. Behringer basically suck rather badly. In my opinion.
you have a custom shop fender through a behringer? i can only imagine how blue balled that tone might be.
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
a girl!? damn thats disheartening
im just enthusiastic lol i dont think my positive attitude has any bearing on my ability but yes im pretty new to guitar.

thast all i have right now as well as an acoustic guitar and a C harmonica
Im simply just asking for some advice on the fender custom and amp i know its crappy but its on loan and free i mean im pretty sure i was specific about my gear unless you want more details?
im just asking if anyone has any general advice for this particular model of guitar for beginners and maybe some amp settings? thx
^ well you've yet to give us a particular model on the guitar, or the type of sound you would like to acheive so i dont know what you want exactly. fiddle around with the controls on the amp and set them to what you like, or search for the settings some of your favourite musicians use.
first of all, if that really is a custom fender, be VERY careful with it. beat it up and you might lose your firstborn. the behringer is well.... its ok. its good for beginners, but it wont do that guitar justice. dont expect great cleans. the 6 inch speaker can only do so much. distortion is best when you give it some good bass. so read up on EQing, if you havent used an amp before. if you can go to a local store and play the strat through a proper tube amp (ask an salesman about this), by all means do so. good luck
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thankyou very much

the person who lent it me wasnt too worried its already beat up but yeh this amp doesnt seem to want to do different sounds only metal i was trying to get a clean blues or coutry from it but it needs to be turned up quite loud to get anything from it and im limited to how much noise and space i have
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