EDIT: whoops: im tired and transposing form eb tuning. Db7 is what i hear x4342x

keep in mind im not an expert at this :P i think its that though
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My speakers on this laptop are not so great, but it sounded to me (in the context of the 1st 15 seconds) to be an Eb half-diminished. It sounds like the three notes Eb, Gb and Bbb (A). Inverted with a fingering much like a B7 chord. XX424X. Could be wrong, but that's what I get....
I'm getting an Ab without the 5. Fingered:


The reason we're getting so many different answers (though all based on the same principle), is because it's only two notes. I played Cdim over it and it worked, so that could be the implied chord (but it's not... if you play the Cdim instead of the Ab it changes the sound just a little bit).