Hey all,

This is my friend/lead vocalist, Brandon. He's trying to hone his skills, and so recorded some covers. The quality of the recordings may not be great, but I've always found him to have a very good voice, so maybe some of you folks can put in your constructive 2 cents and let him know what you think:


If you'd like to hear him in action on our original songs,


Thank you for listening!
yeah his voice is good, i would only caution to try and not impersonate the lead singers voice, in the live song it seemed like he was trying mimic live's lead singers voice, and the same with cage the elephant, he actually did it quite well, i thought he sounded like the lead singer of each band, so that may or may not be a good thing, just in terms of your own songs when there is no one to impersonate, trying to find the voice he is going to sound like may be difficult, but his voice is pretty solid.