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I'm trying to feed myself while paying for college, so I've restored to eating mostly ramen and rice. What can I put in the rice to make it taste really good?

Inb4 bodily fluids, inedible objects, etc.
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almost any kind of meat
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Semen and glass shards.

That's right, fuck inb4s!

OT though, black beans are good, garlic, butter, salt and pepper, cheese...

Edit: noodles are good too. look up asian sauces, mix the noodles with the rice, and put the sauce over it.

BAM! Instant delish.
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Nothing. It's awesome enough.
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Ketchup, I thought it was weird until I tried it.
Get pasta. Goes with everything. Bit of bacon, cheese, chopped vegetable...Anything can be thrown into pasta.

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teryaki sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, etc.
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sauce wise, theres the obvious choice, soy sauce, or you could try something funky like sesame oil
sausage, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomato/pasta sauce
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potatoes and bread
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I'm trying to feed myself while paying for college, so I've restored to eating mostly ramen and rice. What can I put in the rice to make it taste really good?

Inb4 bodily fluids, inedible objects, etc.

Ground meat, pieces of chicken, or put the rice in the noodles

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Put it together with hamburger & an egg, stir in some ketchup. Place this concoction into hollowed out green or red peppers and bake.
olive oil, white pepper, garlic, onion, assorted herbs and spices such as oregano, paprika, etc

meat of various kinds is good too

poo poo works as well
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I hate dry rice :S , you can always make an easy rizotto out of it.. Once it's done throw it in a frying pan, add some chicken broth, parmesan cheese and a little bit of white whine, slowly cook it until the whine has evaporated..
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black beans/steak or chicken/tortilla/cheese/lettuce/sour cream

uhhh, that's it.
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I believe to make your rice truly awesome you should add a little bit of:

Little bit of Barney Stinson, that is. Not the drink he's holding.

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Cheese, soy sauce, etc.
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cook it with some animal fat. it's delicious.
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Just add like any fish that's safely edible. Preferably salmon or tilapia. They complement each other amazingly. Or you could add Parmesan and ground pepper...thats the cheaper alternative

Also, rice is epic on its own I don't see why you'd need to add anything
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Scrambled eggs. Coconut milk.
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old bay, tony chachere's creole seasoning, or while you're cooking it throw in some italian seasoning. ooor if you have left over plain rice, fill the bottom of a pan with some olive oil and get some chili powder pepper and a lil salt and mix the rice with the chili poweder pepper and salt and then heat the oil in the pan and once it gets to the point where it sizzles if you put a lil drop of water in it it's ready so put the rice in (beware if its TOO hot the rice will pop and shoot out at you) and fry the rice until crispy. it's reaaallly good XD
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More rice.


And I've just gotten some of the mixed vegetables, mixed it with rice and barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's) and that's really good.


Salt and pepper.
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eggs + leek/tomatoes + garlic + olive oil (those should be relatively cheap right?) ! it's making me hungry =( or with mushrooms, sausage, eggplant. The possibilities are endless!!

Also condiments, such as pepper, curry, herbs...

And it not only tastes good, I reckon it can be a rather healthy meal!
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scrambled eggs, soya sauce, and corn. taste amazing
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