Basically I want to play my guitar processed by VSTs/Effects, hear it, while also sending it to an input channel so people online can hear it.

What I'm using:
Soundcard: Line6 GX Studio
DAW: Reaper
How I carry an audio signal: Virtual Audio Cable

I am still in search for a way regularly send my VST/effects processed audio to my speakers, but at the same time have it split and routed to Skype/msn/any program with an input recording feature, so other people online can hear me play guitar.

I have successfully done it with VST Host, but I'd rather use REAPER.

This VST acts like an ASIO output so I can have another output.


Now, is there ANY way in Reaper that I can put that VST in the Master Track, and split it in a chain like on the image of VST host?
I have tried dialing the wet/dry knob but the VST adds the latency of ASIO4ALL and GX ASIO to the dry signal.

Is there any other VST like this that is better than the one I linked?

Is there a VST that allows you to host VST inside of it, and chain it like VST Host does? If there is I could resolve it by using one.
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all the routing and processing is just asking a lot from any computer...even newer i7 processor based ones.

I don't know about a software way to do it but I do online streaming shows iwth audio and video and am able to do the following.
- Plug instruments and music players into a mixer and send them to skype and/or the live stream
- Play music from my desktop (also used for the streaming) and send it to skype and/or the live stream
- Send skype PLAYBACK to the live stream or just my headphones. (Mix minus setup)

The reason for the mix minus on that last one is so that you don't feed skype playback back to the skype callers as they will hear themself with latency. I do this with two interfaces...
I feed my main mix from the mixer to an M-Audio 2496 sound card
I then send a sub group out from the mixer to an input on my first channel of a PreSonus FP10.
Any audio I want skype callers to hear is send though the sub group out, anything else is sent down to the main bus and into the M-Audio card.

All audio is sent from different programs out the 4 stereo out sets and into different mixer channels.

So it is a complex setup even hardware based, but software wise, it's even more complex.
I know Windows PC users can use a program called Virtual Audio Cables but you may get latency.
Mac users have some options as well but I don't know them off the top of my head.

In the end, I would look into a similar hybrid hardware system like mine, using a small mixer with a few sub outputs and an interface with a few inputs to use and set for other programs to listen to.
A hardware solution and better interface will allow you to route audio to different outputs and send it though a mixer to different inputs.
I think the new PreSonus Firestudio Project even does software based mixing...
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Well it worked just fine in the VST Host picture I showed you, but I really really rather use Reaper now. Like maybe I want to show them a song, or use a song as backtrack, and have one of the tracks armed for monitoring so they can hear the instruments and my guitar playing at the same time.

Virtual Audio Cable basically solved a lot of things, but latency still came into issue because I couldn't find a way to normally send my processed signal back to my heaphones/speakers/output, instead of just using the ASIO output in the DAW's device schematics. It's really annoying.

The only solutions I can think of now is:

Get a VST that hosts VSTs and can branch chains like VST Host does.

Post on the Reaper suggestion forums to ask for multiple outputing, or ask for a way to branch VST chains.

I have successfully made it so I can hear, and skype/whatever can hear what I play by using 2 VST Host applications where one sends to me and the other sends to other people, but that's a waste of CPU and Memory, and after using REAPER I don't feel like going back to VST host.
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Getting podcasters onboard was an early goal of mine in REAPER's development. I tried and tried and tried to get ustream and skype to do ASIO. But no luck

Justin made ReaRoute to try and take a bit of the troubles away, but without being able to give skype a "dummy" asio soundcard, what can we do?

I have heard limited reports of success using some sort of vst host inside of skype and sending to REAPER thru the ReaStream plugin, but ugh

Virtual Audio Cable will work, but at the cost of your ASIO latency

What we've had the best reports from, at least from podcasters, is something that will seem quite unpalatable. They're looping back into the skype inputs by sending reaper thru adat outs and returning thru adat ins.

Its a HORRIBLE waste of channels, but it works.

If you feel like doing it this way, I can send you an RPP
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It was sitting at the very top, so i thought it might be still important.

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Top of what? The 412th page? I'm not sure the TS would even remember starting this thread.

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