They seem to still be a relatively small company, so I haven't been able to find many reviews/honest opinions on their products. The Halo Morbus string-thru has caught my attention specifically and i'm thinking about making the purchase, but i'd like to hear more about Halo's reputation a bit more before doing so.

What do you guys think of Halo guitars?
I've heard some real horror stories about their stuff. Check the sevenstring.com forums for some of them before you think about dropping any of yr. $$$ on one.
the tone king from youtube seems to like them. i usually trust him. honest guy.

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The reviews I have seen tend to be pretty negative. I've never personally played one, but people who have bought 7, 8 or 10 strings seem to hate them. Not too sure about the 6 strings.
But maybe the build quality is a reason why they're still pretty unknown?
If you're in the market for a 7 string, Schecter, Ibby and Agile make some very good ones. Personally, I think Agiles are better deals for the money though.
Well, I have 4 Halo guitars and I am working on buying a Halo Bass. All my guitars are awesome, I love the company I am amazed people rag on Halo guitars Everyone I have played were great.