Link's in my profile. I made it yesterday in only a few hours. I didn't take too much time with it because I just got the program a couple days ago and I'm still tweaking around with it. I want to start making more beats for fun and my next one I'll spend more time on, and I want it to be happier more like a party type sound. Let me know what you guys think.

It's a pretty basic hip hop beat with some heavy synth and a strings intro, no really set verse/chorus/bridge setup or anything. Just a main theme and I just improvised over it some, nothing really complex.
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Hey dude!

Nice string intro thing, very rich and sets up a cool vibe. But I can totally see a subtle bubbly bass (got no other way to explain it aha) going on underneath it, just to make it sound even fuller. Vocal samples are pretty sweet, especially the robot kinda one, but the voice one does seem a little out of place, particularly the one right at the end. The main synth is actually really good. Definitely captured that rap sound. Nice melody too. I really love the higher little lead synth that you introduce, its sounds kinda alien-like, definitely a nice touch.
The clap sample you've got is hot, but I'm not sure about the kick, it just comes across a bit weak and lack lustre; not driving the track as it should. Possibly think about layering a slightly 'clickier' sample on top it it, just to give it some more character and definition. Nevertheless, the groove is awesome.
Also, the whole thing lacks some low end. I wouldn't chuck in anything too harsh, just a nice smooth bass would work in my opinion.

Structure-wise it could be better, vocals would definitely help define it, because at the moment I'm not really sure what's what.

To be honest, this little beat is tight, especially if its your first one in FL. Its memorable and solid, definitely one to keep working on. Id say just make some more changes to bring it to life a bit, and you've got a golden tune on your hands! Nice work.

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