I have a problem with my Marshall head, When on clean tone the left side cab sounds distorted/makes poping noises when playing it also sounds a little quieter than the right side cab (the right side one does fine on distortion and clean tone for the most part except for when i strum hard on the thincker strings it makes a distorted/pop noise aswell). Here's what I've tried so far...

I switched out the speaker cables and only plugged in the left side cab this time (using the right side cabs speaker cable)...still distorted and a little quieter.

Using the speaker cable the left cab started with I plugged it into the right side speaker out on the head and when hooked there it sounds fine just as good as the right side cab did originally.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? or any other things I should try?


BTW the preamp tube is pretty much new if that means anything (the amp went dramatically silent one day so we changed it, the old one tested bad anyway on our old tube tester)

EDIT: I've seen some people talking about old capacitors causing issues in a head could that be possible? This head is 17 years old and probably still has the original caps in it though I wouldn't know for sure since I've only owned it for a few months.
But both cabs work just fine plugged into the right side outs. When either one is plugged into the left side outs the same problem occurs. Also I've tried the both cabs with a different head and they work without any issues.
id go to the marshall forum, alot of smart techs over there that know there marshalls.
Quote by surface54
id go to the marshall forum, alot of smart techs over there that know there marshalls.

I asked on there first actually, got no replies :/

They did help me with understanding more about how the this head handeled ohms and all that a little while back though.