I have a Yamaha acoustic/electric and I just bought a set of Elixir light strings on ebay. I've never used Elixir strings before, so I have a question. The packets on three of the strings (the three lighter ones) say 'plain steel guitar string', and the packets on the other three (the heavier ones) say 'electric guitar string'. Is that right, or should they all be the same?
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That's normal. Did they come in the blue or purple box? My guess is it's blue - that's what I use on my Taylor T5. They're actually for an electric guitar, but they'll work fine on your acoustic. They may be a little bit brighter sounding than phosphor bronze acoustic strings. If you decide you don't like them, you can buy the phosphor bronze acoustic strings for about $5 a set, versus $14.
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Yeah that's right, the top couple (2 or 3 depending) are usually unwound, while the bottom couple are wound.

^ elixir also make acoustic strings, and bass for that matter
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They are in the blue box. They are electric guitar strings, but I heard that electric strings are a bit easier to play? I also have some phosphor bronze if I decide I don't like these.
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Electric strings are easier to play, provided they're size .009" to .042". That's probably the most common size for electric guitar strings. They're usually referred to as 9s. If the acoustic and electric strings are the same size, it won't matter. They'll both feel the same.

Typically, electric guitar strings are a lot thinner than acoustic strings. So they're easier on the finger muscles and finger skin. Acoustic guitar strings are usually .012" to .053", which is much thicker and harder to play. Those are usually referred to as 12s.
Ok, these are .010 to .046", so they should be a bit easier on my fingers. I'm already having reach issues because my fingers are short. Maybe if I don't have to press so hard, it will help me with the chords.

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I run Elixer Nanowebs (80/20 Phospher Bronze) on my Ovation Electric/Acoustic. On that guitar they really sing! (According to my Fiance'... ) Nice and crisp tone without sounding too "Pingy". In comparison, the Martin 80/20's sound just a little "muddier" (Bass). When I changed to the Martain's, my better half knew INSTANTLY and commented that the "other strings sounded better". So those will be a staple on that guitar.

One thing I would like to put forth (only because it hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread) when changing gauges (size) of strings, depending on how much difference there is, the guitar may need a little tweeking for the proper action. Also if you were to really jump in size, double check your nut and saddle to be sure that they are fit correctly. (Personal "oops" on my part... ) ) Good luck!