The terrified sinners
Are tamed by the fire
And taugh to live lives
In which they have no desire
Threatened with agony
Though driven by lies
You can hear the fear burning
In the back of their eyes

Mistified thoughts swallow my tongue
Creating a note that has never before rung
Pulling a rope with no one to oppose
And pulling out thoughts as sweet as a rose
But the questions arose
Is it right or's it wrong
Well to hell with them all
You can all come along to a place that I go
It's an enthralling place
With more than enough space
For anyone who cares

And here's something I wrote when I was high once...

Angel skin rips open so deep
I might sound like a creep
But who gives a ****
Emotions pouring through sweat
In music, in sex, in manual labor
I don't care what I use
Be it crack, be it booze
You're always gonna lose
To the self-conscious addiction
To a long time affliction
With a woman who lied
Or a baby who wrongly died
I hate who I am, can anyone help?
I'm lost in a big pile of meaningless shit
I think my brain's gonna rip
And ooze out my thoughts
Like puss from a wound
Empty my head