is it possible?
im asking because i want to try thicker strings because im the vibrato guy and i love the control you can get from thicker strings.. so im asking. is it possible? and with a floyd rose
Of course it is but you will almost certainly have to do a setup on the Floyd (maybe add an extra spring) and the truss rod - in that order.
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I did it for a while (2-3 months), definitely possible. I wanted a wound 3rd string, but I didn't realize they were quite so heavy. I gotta say, it *sounds* way better (to me). Unless you want a Jimmy Page, Can't Quit You Baby type of tone, almost everything sounds better with thicker strings. Also, sometimes you lose some of the attack on your 6th string. Bending gets tough, though, so be prepared for that.
Usually with a floyd rose you'd want a light gauge. I sure wouldn't tune to standard on a fixed bridge using 12 gauge strings. Even with extra springs the STRINGS will win the tugging. Go for 10s or maybe 11 gauges but 12s would be too thick and have too much tension that they might even break and/or turn your neck into a bow.
I use 12's on my Tempest in standard, it's fine. You just have to get your guitar set up for it.
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I love 11s for standard but 12s seems a bit heavy.
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SRV used 13's in open E, standard, and e-flat.

As long as you get it set up, you'll be fine.

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Yeah, to be honest a lot of people exaggerate when they say that thick strings that arn't tuned down will bow your neck, ofcourse, that can happen, but it probably won't.

Get your guitar set up for it and there will be no problems, apart from the obvious fact that the strings will be harder to bend.

Also, for me it would make more sense to use thinner strings for vibrato stuff, just sayin'.
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