Heyy all i know this has probably been asked before..but i dont have a computer to spare to record my bass with..i was wondering if its possible to record bass covers with a laptop? if so how...im very bad with all this technoligy and such...heck i barley know the name of my amp :P, nor all these files and progams and stuff to record bass...and (not confusing) help would be greatly appreciated
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Yeah you can record using a laptop, it's not ideal usually but it works. There are whole guides to get you started on recording and tips and tricks and stuff, but basically you need to get a microphone and then you can download a free program like Audacity (there are others) to run it and away you go.
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okay so pretty much i'd just go to audacity record the cover..and while i record the cover, use my webcam to get the video?
Your laptop should be fine to record what you want to. But when you start getting into multi-tracking, you may find your laptop will struggle to keep up and you'll probably get quite a bit of latency and CPU lag. Just an FYI.

And to your question above, yes you theoretically could do that but your laptop may struggle. If you find you can't do it that way, record it first, then video yourself afterwards and just overlay the two!
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i also have a question - i have a digitech rp155 and audacity and when i connect the digitech rp155 to my computer, audacity doesnt recognize it... how can i make it record from my multieffect?