This is a song I just wrote heavily influenced by bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder and Veil of Maya. I wrote this to show my writing skills to a band I'm interesting in joining. They play 7 strings so I made a 7 string song.

Check it out! C4C
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i like it, sounds cool. though it sounds like generic deathcore sometimes
Not going to do a really long crit here cause I don't feel it's needed too much.

As an overall description from, it works at what it is and what your going for, and all and all that's pretty much what's important. Might not be the most innovative or original or anything, but it still makes a good deathcore song. Good riffs, good breakdown.

Need a separate paragraph to mention this: The part at measure 81 was really awesome in my opinions, also made a great outro as you used it. Good job.

If you wanna crit something from me, feel free to check out my unnamed super technical/progressive deathcore song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1355965
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Please check it out? ;D

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sounds like generic the whole way through


It's not badly written, the riffs are decent enough, one of them sounds a lot like an ABR riff. It's just that it's generic as hell and this is a dying genre, move on or get left behind.

Gotta mention the chord chorus section is ****ing awesome though, kudos on that.
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This song is well written and structured well. I liked it though I'm not the biggest deathcore fan on the planet.
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Thanks for the feedback guys! Not much crit on it so I just ended up recording it. It's in my profile if you want to check it out.