potential lulz thread....

I'll start it

Dea...everything else suckzorsss (not trolling..thats just my preference)
Not so shockingly, a very unknown brand called "freedom" once you get a proper set up, and (if you want) replace the pickups, you go from the original $150-300 price tag, to something that looks damn awesome and looks and plays just as good as anything else I've played before. (without the pickup changes you still wind up with a guitar that should be sold for at least $1000)
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the funny thing about those ads is, if i could steal a car at the comfort of my own computer in my own house, i would.

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Ahahaha TS just got gobsmacked.
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i smell a flame war coming
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I once used a Jackson V to play Wildwood Flower. The ghosts of Randy Rhoads and Mother Maybelle Carter made my walls bleed for a week.
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Gotta finish my work, then play some grooves, so I can turn my room into a house of blues...

They look amazing, and their necks and my hands seem to be designed for each other.
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They look awesome, play like nightmare (dreams are not metal enough), have those EMGs for the br00tz and those awesome coil taps, so they do everything anyone could ever dream of.
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ESP/LTD because their guitars have never disappointed me yet.
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They look awesome, play like nightmare (dreams are not metal enough),

nah dude you're doin it wrong

they look sick,play like nightmare,has EMG brootz adn teh C0il tAPzzzz

seriously TS,this is a really pointless question..you wil get flamed for this..

Now before i get bant I'd better report this
Would go with ESP, or Jackson, since they are (for me) the best guitars made in the world, ye, a bit expensive, especially ESP.

Cort has only disapoint me once, some of them are good, some aren't you just need to know how to choose them.
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