Hi guys,

I've been learning scales and going through the A Minor and Lydian mode. I started to play this cool riff and I thought I knew it from a band. Not quiet sure though?

Here is the riff. It's a rock sort of genre.

I don't think I recognise it, it just sounds a bit generic that's why it sound familiar.
From what I remember of reading treble clef it's reminding me of Stairway. <_<
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Why are neither of the bars full? ._.
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I can't really tell...
What I did when this happened to me is record myself playing the riff then ask Yahoo Answers with a link to the youtube video of the recording. Turns out it was the solo to Dani California
It happened to me a short while ago and I can't, for the life of me, remember the song title or anything. I'd like to post me playing it or a tab of it, but I'm scared it might be a really embarrassing song :/
You're = You are
Your = Belongs to you

There = Not here
Their = Belongs to them
They're = They are

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Good grammar is like sex. It feels good.
i once thought i was on to some epic solo.

turns out i was playing europa out of key.

but i bet we've all done that once or twice.
I've done that sorta, I came across a riff that is eerily similar to the main riff of Blood and Thunder
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heh I'm not the best at theory/writing up music. Sorry

If you made the tab in Guitar Pro - "Arrange bars" is your friend
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Its pearl jam, alive.

Ya, that's what is sounds like to me.
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i came across the same thing today but i cant recall if its a song i know or not but i heard that yahoo suggestion and im going to do that now thanks
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I once sat with my guitar and got into a sort of metal groove and started playing something I thought sound sort of good. A short while later I realized that I play a modified version of the main riff in "Walk" by Panetera in standard tuning. Oh boy, I felt stupid.
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