DJ divided into several types
1. Original Type DJ and dance music producer Original DJ (DJ are all world-class music and name or position) and most of all music producers, there is a solid music foundation! Good site with a variety of people with similar music (guitar, piano) and sing some original DJ to their own original dance music arranged by composer lyricist.
2. In this type Remix plancha ghd DJ mixer is we heard the DJ XXX REMIX, will be made into dance versions of pop songs. Just take a pop vocal voices, accompanied by their own production of the rest. Into another dance version.
3.SCRTACH DJ scratching is just the planchas ghd study of the type of DJ mixing techniques and scratching techniques ,80-90's all the rage, we can hear in many songs, scratching sound.
4. Ordinary DJ, will play an ordinary planchas DJ CD connection is normal bar, karaoke music player personnel.
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