As the title says, what are some nice, cheap, pedals that're nice to have when building a first pedalboard. I don't have a job, and I get £10 a week of my parents, so cost efficiency is vital.
Just looking at effects such as wah, delay, reverb etc.

I don't mind if you suggest to save up more either, this is a 'just wondering' kind of question

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Definitely go second hand, cos you can get even some half decent pedals for a decent price. Bought my Jim Dunlop Cry Baby for a tenner...it's missing the battery cover but its still solid as and works great. Same with my EHX Small Stone phaser, got that cheap off ebay, it's not great cosmetically but again, it works perfectly! Multi-effects ain't a bad way to go either, but if it's a pedal board you want then that won't interest you :P
Everybody needs a good overdrive and distortion pedal!
Boss has both for a reasonable price. Or, for a little more, you could shoot for the Jekle and Hyde OD/Dist pedal! Whatever you do, make sure you can try out the pedals with your amp, as not every pedal sounds great with every amp.

If you can, try to find a Boss DD5 (delay pedal) on ebay or Craigslist. The tone is much better than either the DD4, 6, or even 7.
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I've heard the DeltaLabs stuff is decent for the price. Also the Danelectro Cool Cat series is worth checking out for sure. I'm not sure if GC will ship any of their used stuff overseas but they have some great deals on used pedals. http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedGear/index.cfm?srch&category=50
The organization of the site is pretty terrible but they have some really good deals so IMO it's worth picking through.
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