Hi guys my band have had a facebook/myspace/twitter account for quite a while now and i have noticed that all our posts/statuses are the same such as 'recorded a new song, check it out' or 'succesful rehearsal' etc so i was wondering what kind of other stuff you could post instead of the cheesy 'hows your summer going'
hope you can help
Ah, the perils of online marketing. How much you put on your avatar really depends on you. Social networks were created to connect people, not market to them (although, arguably it has evolved into that). So answer the question facebook asks; what IS on your mind? That's what your followers want to hear! If you have an idea for a song drop it out there and let your followers on twitter know, they may even have a great idea for you to do! I only try and post a thought or two per day. Sometimes its what we are doing, other times its a video of rehearsal or a jam session!

Hope it helped!