hello fellow UGers
after alot of thinking i have decided to purchase a tube amp specifically the laney lc-15 (mostly because its the lightest 15watter and im getting it from another country carrying it myself). My question is is about the wattage, i need something for room practice aswell as something that can be heard over the drums, im worried that 15watts is not enough for band practice but too loud for room practice. on a side note, if i get cabinets and plug it with the amp will it work, will it sound louder? any help is appreciated, thanks.
nothing is too loud for room practice. That is what the volume setting is for but i think you may want to look into maby a 30 watt.
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It depends. A 15-watt tube amp is certainly a lot louder than a 15-watt SS amp. It can easily be used for room practice, especially if you use it with a pedal for drive instead of the amp's own drive. As for if it can cope with a drummer, it might, but it depends on how loud you drummer is.

As for the cab question, no, it won't be louder, really, but it'll have more bottom end and altogether a different tone due to different speakers and larger enclosure.

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