hey all

ive developed some speed over the past 5 years ive been playing guitar, but sadly mostly in my left hand, and it seems that when i play fast and try to pick every note my right hand can barely keep up with the left, and if it does than it sounds pretty sloppy.

any excersizes you can give me to imprve my right hand speed/coordination would be lovely!

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I have a tip myself, I suggest trying to learn a couple Iced Earth songs or anything by Jon Schaffer. That guy has a really phenomenal right hand technique and learning some of his riffs really helped me out in the long run. Check em out, its pretty simple left hand stuff but the right hand will take some time to pick up, just start slow, use a metronome, and increase speed according to comfort and accuracy.
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I don't understand how people do stuff like this. But like the others have said, just slow down and work on synchronizing both hands. Right hand and left hand technique should never be developed separately.

Alternatively, one of the things that may help is to practice sweep picking, as it really requires your left and right hands to be in sync. And I also second vypor's tip to learn some Iced Earth; Jon is well-known for his excellent picking.