based on a true event

i lose faith in humanity
or i don't notice what changes
because i pull into speedway,
some corner of america-
forsaken working class america
with a young father next pump over;
his son is two.
he is screaming
pitched above high c by at least three octaves,
a monkey of a noise,
and the father slaps him
a red, numbing scorpion contact
of father to son
he says:
'you ****ing ruined me
you kept me from finishing high school
you kept from a job that has an office
and a meaning
you kept me from reaching happiness
even if it doesn't exist, the next best thing-
you ruined that.
f.uck you, if
you don't shut the f.uck up
by the time we get home-'
and the young man sees his father
above him with stern, drunk eyes
twenty years before.
his father says:
'you f.ucking ruined me'.
he feels the absurd pain
of being born to someone
who hates you for not
considering to not swim for the egg
when he spouted a warm tide of semen
into a girl. who hates you for
crawling out nine months of
unrealized consqences, like
the Iraq war, only months,
and screaming for love
when love was robbed.
the young father looks at his baby
seething, blood dripping from the roof of his mouth
biting too hard.
in another corner of the world,
a forgotten corner-
America, India, Africa-
a baby slides out smooth
and glistening in blood
without a father and his mother
bleeding near death
and he feels the weight
of loneliness at moment one.
the young father looks at this baby,
under the illumination of a speedway bulb
and the fleeting hope of life drifts over
massive, a moon called decision,
and he finishes: 'if
you don't shut the f.uck up
by the time we get home-
i will break your nose.'
so that was verse #1 or what?
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