Thought so. This thread is where you post things for other UGers to do that is currently/has at some point diverted your attention and stopped you from being 'bored'.

I'll go first:


This was posted on here a while ago. 5 minutes well spent.

Your turn Pit.
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I tremble before your enormous penis.
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and i farted, it was really stink
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Led Pepplin, you are god because of this thread.
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Posting what i do when i'm bored would earn me a ban, sorry
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Posting what i do when i'm bored would earn me a ban, sorry
Do you mean masturbating?
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go play guitar?

and if your seriously bored out of your mind and nothing's on TV, watch Cartoon Network's adventure time. My little brother watches it, and I can't help laughing when it's on. It's pretty clever, I think.
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Best thing ever.

whats the password man?
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I'll probably end up as a pipe-smoking, headbanging 55-year-old.

^^ me too bro, me too

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I thought they were only good at sucking dick and making sammiches

^^^ truth
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whats the password man?

all caps
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and Jon777 .

stumbleupon is great for boredom prevention and procrastination.
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Best thing ever.

I was checking it yesterday and SOMEBODY BANNED ME FROM IT!!!

and I wasn't even doing anything bad ether, unless lurking is bad...

OT: When I'm bored I usually just either play music or go here, so i don't really have a lot of websites to add...

audiomap.tuneglue.net was fun for about 3 mins
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