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So most of my favourite artists still write the occassional lame tune. Which bands do you think never do (i.e. in their peak not on their 40th reunion tour)?

Jedi Mind Tricks
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Dream Theater (90s)
Minus the Bear
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Roots
Michael Jackson
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Steve Vai
Judas Priest
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Coheed & Cambria

This. Every single song from their discography of 5 albums are good. Even the 'average' ones are awesome
Spin round carousel
When your horse isn't screwed in

Funeral For A Friend.
This Will Destroy You.
Porcupine Tree.
...Stapling helium to penguins since 1949.
Opeth, Tool, Mastodon.
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
Lamb of god

I'm suprised no one said them yet.
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I can't think of any bands that I listen to that I like every single song by. Seems like there's always a couple of those "meh" songs in albums.
Max Richter

I don't know really
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So most of my favourite artists still write the occassional lame tune. Which bands do you think never do (i.e. in their peak not on their 40th reunion tour)?

None. Not a single band.

Except maybe a few who've only been around for a single album.
Sonata Arctica
Devin Townsend
Yksinään hän vaeltaa mis' varjot lankeaa
Halki usvan ja roudan vain teräs seuranaan
Sydämensä kylmä on kuin maa routainen
Mutta silmissään viha polttava kuin kiuas tulinen
Coheed & Cambria
Lamb Of God
Stone Sour (although I have a feeling this will change when Audio Secrecy is released)
That's about it.
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Artist of the Month: Mic Righteous

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Smashing Pumpkins
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Tame Impala
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Paramore and As I Lay Dying imo
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Resist- defy every calculation of reason explaining me away
Persist- unfold what is beyond, I am the mutant strain
dax riggs
creedence clearwater rvival
a perfect circle
alice in chains
authority zero
black label society
black sabbath
corrosion of conformity
3 inches of blood
flogging molly
johnny cash
led zeppelin
lynyrd skynyrd
morbid angel
regina spektor
tiger army
zac brown
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Biffy clyro

No metal bands though - maybe Bullet

No. They have written nothing but bad songs since absolution with maybe one or two exceptions.

Porcupine Tree
Biffy Clyro
Mars Volta
John Frusciante
Closure in Moscow
1 2

Little solace comes
to those who grieve
as thoughts keep drifting
as walls keep shifting
and this great blue world of ours
seems a House of Leaves

My Rig
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Coheed and Cambria
Rise Against
Avenged Sevenfold
DragonForce (flameshield up)
Hilltop Hoods (flameshield set to max)
Ill Nino
Jimmy Eat World

I'm sure I could think of others with more time. There are some bands that I haven't included because I've only listed to one or two albums of theirs, but I still haven't heard a bad song by them (Pink Floyd, The Who, Mastodon).

The Mars Volta for sure


Opeth for the most part (though I really only care for the more acoustic ones)
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No. They have written nothing but bad songs since absolution with maybe one or two exceptions.


Resistance was quite good. Black Holes and Revelations and Absolution were good but it happens that they were overshadowed by the pure awesome that was Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz.

Edit - I forgot Opeth!
I can't think of one artist. That might have something to do with that I hardly ever pay attention to anything but singles though.
Story of the year
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Paramore and Green Day .
This will start a RIOT! in me
Dave Matthews Band
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Lol @ the massive prog band bias.

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I considered posting this exact same post. Down to the picture.
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I haven't heard much of Editors, only what a friend sent me. But according to what I heard and according to him, they have no bad songs.
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