I would like to find the value of my Grandfather's '47 Harmony H1215. After searching eBay, craigslist, etc, I've had a hard time nailing down a price range as the guitars I can find are either beat to hell or 20 years newer.

The guitar is in fairly good condition. Everything looks original, with some wear on the fretboard and some scratches and dings on the body. I've refretted the guitar and will need to have the neck starightened (the action is just way too high even with extra light strings).

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I just saw 1948 for 107$.
Browsing the internet-they don't seem to fetch a lot of cash(60-100$ for "vintage"is not a good sign)The most expensive I saw was ~600$ for '60s model,but it's just seller's wish...Not very sought-after guitars.
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