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Woke up my whole house and stuff fell over.

So this thread has a point, ever been in an Earthquake?

Edit: Apparently it was a 7.4
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Your house fell over?

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I slept through the one. It was a very low rating on the rick scale.

Though a fat kid did fall over today and the vibrations caused me to lose my balance
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I have been in an earthquake in NZ, I was in the shower at the time and didn't notice a thing. My friends told me about it later, I still barely believe them.
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One happened at 2am about a year ago here. Most people slept through it. I was awake in the first place, and it scared the crap out of me.
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No. I don't think there are many, if any, earthquakes in Michigan.
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was only 3.4 a mineshaft collapsed and i slept right through it
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I slept through one.

It woke everyone else up though.

But I got the last laugh as I got more sleep.
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Never. I've been on the earthquake machine at Wonder Works; does that count?

Also glad you aren't dead.
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I hope there are no casualties, but another reason i love being english the worst earthquakes we ever get just break a few chimneys.
There was an earthquake about 18 months ago here. Well it was really more like a tremor, it didn't cause any damage or anything. I thought I drempt it until they talked about it in school the next day.
About a year and half ago we had a small earthquake here in the UK. Thing is i was watching a scary movie in bed with the lights off at the time so it sorta scared the living shit outa me.
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The worst earthquakes in Norway are at 3.5, and usually around the city of Bergen, approx. 500 kilometers away from me.
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The worst earthquakes in Norway are at 3.5, and usually around the city of Bergen, approx. 500 kilometers away from me.

Norway ftw!
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We don't have earthquakes in Chicago.

But I plan on moving to San Diego next year, and with my luck the big one will happen the second I park my car once I get there.
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Does it count that my house is is shaking like crazy every evening around 9-10 pm when they are exploding tunnel for new subway line that goes under our house? Literally the whole freaking house is shaking like crazy and I have been seeing nightmares about being in the sauna and all of a sudden the house starts collapsing and I end up running naked to the streets. Traumatized for life ffs :P
Apparently there was a 4. something earthquake that hit close to where I live a few years back about 6 a.m. I slept through it.
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I was at grade school during a 6.9 earthquake. That was....2001 i believe?
We had a tiny one in the UK. I 'wtf'd' for a couple of seconds then it was over.
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Never felt an earthquake, but a few towns over there is a very tiny fault with very tiny tremors all the time.

When I say very tiny I mean you probably won't feel it at the epicenter

But sometimes my house will shake, or used to anyway, because of the fish ladder they just put in the dam right near my house. You can see the vibrations in the water as it flows over.
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We're still getting aftershocks.

Houses and buildings are down.
Cracks in roads.
Shops shut cus stock fell to the floor.

Oh and we now can't drink our tap water, cus our water supply got churned up.

RIP Tom Searle.
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Never been in an earthquake(at least large enough to feel) before. No tornadoes or hurricanes either.

Pretty safe here in Pennsylvania
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I was sitting on a couch with a lady friend during an earthquake... it was very minor so i wasn't all shook up
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The strongest one NZ has had was an 8.2, and from what I see on wiki, it's a 7.1 that occurred today.

Sounded devastating to an extent.
There's been one that I can think of, things lightly shook in my 1st grade classroom.
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I slept right through it! Im in Dunedin which is like 400km away and apparently our house was shaking pretty hard out. So, I still havnt ever felt an earthquake.
Every time there's a big one in Indonesia we get a couple of tremors here in Singapore.

There was a 6 point something when I was in elementary school in California. I don't remember too much about it except that all the teachers were freaking out.
I live about a kilometer from an open pit mine, I can feel them blasting every day at 4 O'clock

and we did have a small quake here a few years back, but it was barely noticeable

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