My question is simple, is a wilkinson tremolo a good replacement fot a standerd strat trem?

Thanks in advance
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Is it the 6 screw vintage style trem or the 2 stud? I have a Wilkinson on the Warmoth Soloist and haven't had any problem with it. BUT if you are wanting to replace the standard strat trem I would HIGHLY recommend the Callaham Strat Trem. I have yet to find anything that matches them. They come in American Strat and/or Mexican along with several other styles. Check them out on his site and read the reviews. Callahamguitars.com

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It's the two stud, and those's callanham trems sure looks good!
My Gear:

Stagg l320cs
Laney Prism P35 (35watt)
Custom Strat
Aria Steel String acoustic
I've used Wilkinson parts on all my builds and have been nothing but happy with the quality.
Gotoh Wilkinson trems are SUPER good. With a good set of locking tuners (ie sperzels) and a low friction or roller nut they hold up to FR-like trem wanking VERY well.
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