I want some new tubes for my Blackstar HT-5 head. The ones it came with aren't very good apparently (cheap 12BH7 and pre amp: ECC83). Apparently the HT-5 has a 'Self biasing' system so I think I can use anything, not sure though. I want to know what tubes are best for metal sounds, mainly Metallica and Iron maiden. I usually play it with the volume at about 12 o'clock or more. Any suggestions? This may be a very VERY stupid question to ask but I don't know much about amps!

Thanks alot
Have a look in the HT5 thread, Theres gonna be a lot of reading to do but theres shit loads of tube swapping gone on in there
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The gold pin JJ's are really good....
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Ah right I will check the JJ's out. What about power tubes any suggestions? Remember I nee them for a good Metal sound
EHX makes a good 12BH7 but if you want a really nice power tube go find a RCA 12BH7 or a Sylvania 12BH7. They are probably the best sounding and most musical but if you want something quick and cheap EHX will be alright. For tubes get a Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG+. Very high gain tube with a very low noise floor, this tube will give a bit more gain out than other tubes.
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