So this plane crashed in an army base about 1km from my compound. Judging from the direction that he was coming from and the distance between the crash and my compound, he must have flew over my house REALLY close, and it's pretty scary that things being a little bit different he could have landed on my freaking house.

My brother said he heard the crash, but I was listening to music and couldn't.

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Wow, seems the whole pit is 'nearly dying' lately.
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One time I was flying a cargo plane that nearly crashed in some guy's house.
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Yeah this one time a cargo plane nearly crashed into my house too.

You know what I meant. Stories in which if things were a little bit different you could have been seriously screwed.

Edit: could have seen the mirror posts from a kilometer away.
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Edit: could have seen the mirror posts from a kilometer away.

The pilot nearly missed your house from a kilometer away though
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Well it sort of happened to me.

Anyway we were driving from grandmas on this highway and there was a road on the right but we were going straight. Anyway out of nowhere from that road this red car speeds out, doesn't even signal just ****ing slides out of the corner and into our lane coming straight at us. So our driver immediately turned right to avoid impact with the car and we fell into this nearby ditch and flipped on the roof. Anyway, I will never forget this even tho none of us were seriously injured, here's the thing.
When I got out of the car, I saw something horrible. My mom, who was sitting in the middle, was now in the front, unconscious, head was bleeding everywhere. At that moment I thought she had died.
Even tho I don't really like my mom that much, the feeling I had at the moment was incredible. Rage, sadness all wrapped up in one wrecking ball about to explode. I was crying and hitting the ground.

Turns out later she was OK

P.S fun fact, the crazy red car driver that slided into the wrong lane was a WOMAN. Also I was the least injured, literally nothing happened to me I just got a bit beaten up (my bro lost two teeth, uncle broke his wrist) because when she slid out in front of us I sort of knew we were ****ed and managed to grab the seat in time. Everything moved sort of in slow motion.

Also gotta admit, flying through the air while flipping is actually pretty fun, if you don't get injured or your mother dies that is

This copied from the other thread about the near death experience.
killing at least several people

At least couple more could possibly be injured.
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