I just answered to a post in this subforum but thought this might be helpful to some of you, so I'm posting it in a different thread (don't call me a spammer )

When I fingerpick, I don't have a pre-arrenged pattern. It's the song that makes me use more or less fingers. For some reason, I found that the faster I play, the less fingers I use.

See the examples:

Sometimes I just play with my thumb and middle finger:

Fast Fingerpicking Country Style

Other times, I would use the thumb (of course), plus index/middle/ring.

Mr Sandman Fingerpicking

Hope it helps somehow. Cheers!
Sometimes for down falling 3 string arpeggios I use my Thumb, Index, and middle, but depending if I need to hit a bass note after 3 string arps, I use my Ring, Middle, Index. Or, rather than use my pinky on a 5 string arpeggio, Ill just use my thumb twice for the bass notes of the arpeggio, rather than one finger per note.

It all depends, but I would suggest trying to make your fingers more dextrious for any situation by using as many of your right hand fingers as possible.