Okay i used to have a lp traditional and used it for a long time until one of my brothers broke it by accident.i was saddened by the news and predicted that it was not repairable due to the headstock completely being demolished.due to my love of the guitar i went a bought the same model but in cherry sunburst instead of the ebony i had.a year later and now i've repaired my guitar and it runs as smooth as the current one.due to them being the same model i wanted to change it up and see what i can change with my old one.The pickups i want to change but havent decided and i want to see what other things i can change(at home not in a shop).I play heavy stuff like megadeth/mettalica/slayer and wanted to know what pickups to use(like blackouts and emgs) and what other things i can change to get the heaviest tone out there.
What kind of amp are you using, and what sort of budget are we working with?
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no budget whatsoever and the amp is a small one not a big rig.....yah but i got the pedals to get the best tone possible from my amp
Well, I'm a big supporter of Blackouts. Now, I will say, if you want to have a more powerful sound, actives are the way to go. The thing about Blackouts is that they sound cleaner than EMGs. That doesn't mean less distortion; it just means a less muddy and to me, better sound. Basically, less bad noise (unwanted hum) and more tone. So, I would recommend Blackouts over EMGs. Here's two links for you to check out if you want:

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EMGs - specifically the 81 - do the "classic" metal tone very well. I don't like them that well for other application unless they're run at 18v though. I have the 85X as the bridge pickup in my new soloist, and it's very good. I'd probably go 81X for the bridge of an LP though since LPs tend to be pretty warm sounding to start with.
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nailbombs... just to recommend something other than what's already here.

but the emgs are the usual.

edit: what amp? and what pedals?

edit: i do own a set of nailbombs fwiw though. big fan, great cleans too.
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