So I'm making a strat type of guitar with one volume and two tone knobs. My question is are there different pots for tone and volume? I think it would be two .047uf capacitors for tone, and one .001uf for volume. Also what pots should i get for the volume and tone? My pickups are HSH.
they are all pots its how they are wired that makes them volume or tone pots although its best to use log pots for volume
for a strat i think 250k should work fine
Logarithmic pots for volume
Linear pots for tone
0.047uf caps for humbuckers
0.022uf caps for single coils
250K pots for single coils
500K pots for humbuckers

This is not a set rule - try experimenting!

Now for more detail:

Capacitors are not needed for volume pots. A volume pot just splits the signal - and sends part of it to ground and part to the output jack, however caps are used for tone.

The higher the value of cap, the more highs will be rolled off. So, out of two identical pickups running though pots with different value caps the higher one will sound darker and bassier, as more of the highs will be rolled off. At 10, there will be too little difference to notice.

The higher the value of pot, the treble-ier it will be. 250k pots are fine for SC, may be too bassy for humbuckers but depends on the pickup and whether you like it or not. 500K is brighter and more commonly used for humbuckers, and may sound a little shrill for single coils, but again it is preference. 1M pots are also available, but are too shrill and harsh most of the time.

No, dont listen to the guy above me. Most people (including EMG) would say use 25K pots, but seymour duncan say 100K. Either way, not 250K.
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Thanks, but I've heard that 500k works best when using humbuckers. and are the capacitors im going to be using ok?
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Thanks, but I've heard that 500k works best when using humbuckers. and are the capacitors im going to be using ok?

For the volume, dont use one unless doing the treble bleed mod, in which case you may wish to add a resistor, depending on the version you are doing. Other than that, its personal preference as to whether they are ok or not! If you want, wire up one cap, then if you dont like it you can change it as caps are cheap. Experimenting is the key!
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