C4C for Asunder: Opening reminded me of pink floyd.
The first verse chorus sounded pretty decent no complaints there
the following part at 38 was nice i liked that
the build at 62 is a good addition to spice things up
66 solo had a good chunk of emotion
I like the double time feel at 100 also nice for keeping things different
Solid outro as well using the progression from before.
overall I'll throw it a 7, it was well executed but it used pretty simple mechanics for the most part and didn't do much for breaking new ground. Also just me being nitpicky, you should post songs with names. I feel better and can have a starting impression from a title.
hey dude, finally you're online again, haven't seen you in years. I'll crit your song tomorrow, let's hit up on IM again buddy

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Returning the crit from Loss. I'll crit while listening, methinks.

First, I LOVE the intro. Really melancholic, the simple piano + synth... Reminds me sorta of Mar de Grises, which is excellent. When the guitar/drums/bass enter, it's very smooth as well, nicely done. I like the riff. Simple, but effective, and keeps the atmosphere.

I think the rhythm of the clean guitar in the next bit though, is a bit too... upbeat. I dunno, it feels like swing, and doesn't quite work for me... That said, the chord progression is really nice.

I love the huge slow chords in the next bit, with the arpeggio'd bass too. It's great. I absolutely love huge chords like that, incase you didn't notice.

I liked the double bass right after that, but I feel like that section needs to be extended more. You start a cool chord progression that builds the feel/intensity/atmosphere, and then just... leave it, stop developing the idea. The idea is great, in place, and ready... just extend it!

The bit starting at 37 is a really cool riff, for one, and a really nice change in pace. I like the atmosphere/intensity, and the bending lead that enters later.

Then back to the swingy chords... Different rhythm there would be lovely. More straight rhythm, I guess, would fit better. Then the huge chords that I liked so much. And the chord progression that I still say needs to be explored a bit more.

I really, really like the solo that starts at 66. Very emotional, very nice note choice. I also very much liked that it seemed to have a sense of direction, getting faster. I also absolutely LOVE the clean solo/chords thing directly after that. And the light arpeggio on the distorted guitar... Just really really good.

I feel like 100 either needs to be a distorted guitar, or let ring though. Or both, maybe, on the second guitar. The one doing arpeggios. Just personal preference, but I think that'd be smoother.

The upbeat chord rhythm thing is an interesting change, too. I like the clean solo, and this time the rhythm isn't too out of place. The transition from the lead into the slow chords is a bit sudden, however. Could use a good drum fill or something.

I like the end though. Nice fadeout.

Overall, pretty nice song. Just needs some tweaks here and there, I think, expansion on an idea, and it's good.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

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thanks guys, for the crit
i thought the unconventional chords in the verse section would take away the upbeat rhythm part, actually, didn't really know what to do.
also, am not that good at drums, esp. the filler parts
sorry man, i dont have lyrics down and so find it difficult to name a song will try the next time around.
thanks for your crit

@burning angel
thankss a ton for your detailed crit ! i love huge chords too, esp. when it adds melancholy to a song like this, along with the arpeggiated chords on the bass
the section after it was actually, well, i was confused of how to fuse in the next part of the song, and i came up with it
do u need me to crit a song of yours?


hey dude! long time man how are you doing?? was pretty busy, still am busy but i kinda found some time off the schedule for this song. looking forward to your crit
I don't need ya to, naw... But if ya want to, it'd be sweet if you could crit Dust. Provided you have time, of course.
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"