So what are some weird, scary or funny phone calls you guys have had?

When i was about 9, i got a call on the home phone, and it was this very angry man saying that some stuff was delivered to his house but it was the wrong thing, i started saying he had the wrong number but he just started shouting more, then my dad grabbed the phone off of me, listened for a few seconds, then screamed "OH FUCK OFF" down the phone and hung up.

This other time, i was a little older, i got a phone call from some girl, she said that i had met her in a club a few nights before, then asked to meet up, then started saying all these weird fetishes, i got a bit freaked out, then realized it was a prank call, and said goodbye. The thing was, i had gone out to a club a few nights before that and did try and get a girls number, but got really drunk and forgot how it went.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Most of mine involve either me telling the Census guys that they're not allowed, under the US Constitution, to ask me shit, especially since I already sent them the damn census form. Or me telling telemarketers to go away.
A few months back I got a Voicemail messafe and some bloke (sounded of the age of about 60) "Hi, *Insert Name* (It wasn't my name), someone has broken in and your sister has been hurt" In a frightened voice.

Anywhoo I didn't ring back as it he obviusly has the wrong number. Then a few days later, I got another voicemail and it was the same bloke, just saying that the sister was in hopsital and was doing good.

Pretty weird shit.
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I get calls from the IRS and FBI looking for a guy under the alias of Russian Smith who has, apparently, been using a disposable phone with a number similar to mine. I've told them on numerous occasions that I AM NOT RUSSIAN SMITH, AND THAT IT IS A SHITTY ALIAS, but they keep calling me.
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Not a phone call, but yesterday I got a text from Vodaphone saying 'you can rely on our service when' then it cuts off. I that that was pretty ironic.

Vodaphone are rubbish.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
For a few weeks I got a few calls from this guy named Kevin who was working with a car issurance place (I don't have my licence, let alone a car) saying my payments were late. They kept getting more and more urgent, last one was "This is your final chance blah blah blah"

Some dude lost his car.
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not once.

but i did make a crap load of prank phone calls using a pitch shifter to get a Jigsaw voice when i was younger
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When I was about 9 or 10 this guy called my house looking for someone named Jenny. When I told him he had the wrong number, he told me not to hang up because he wanted to talk, but he said it kind of like he was flirting. ****ing pedo.
One of my friends (girl) called from a blocked number, using a different voice than usual (so I didn't recognize her), told me some stupid stuff, gave me a number (which happened to be the girl I liked at the time), so all I did, before I even heard the voice of them was call the number and say "screw you", got a voicemail of her crying about it. Fun times... That was a few years ago by the way.