This is Stranger Danger!

SD is a 2-man instrumental project that pretty much plays anything and everything. It consists of my friend and I, and we formed about 2 weeks ago

We just put up a new song "Rape Whistle" on our facebook fanpage as our first song. This will be part of our yet-to-be-made album "Panic! After the Disco" which should hopefully be completed before Christmas.

Stranger Danger hopes that people see the humor in the song selection/band name/etc, because we strive to be a serious comedy band moreorless. Think Psychostick, but spanning more genres.

Our fanpage is located here:

EDIT: If the link doesn't work, just type in Stranger Danger on facebook search and it should be a musician page.

Current Discography:
-Rape Whistle
-Ballad of Love --- 12/19/10
-Get to Steppin' (demo) --- 12/19/10

More to come in the next couple months!
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Stranger Danger just uploaded a complete song titled "Ballad of Love"! It was a project for our English class where we were supposed to write a ballad or something, but we decided a music video would make more sense. The audio clip for Ballad of Love is located on our facebook above.

The ballad is also the first song to feature *drum roll* VOCALS!!!!!!!!

Stranger Danger also uploaded a song titled "Get to Steppin'", which has a reggae feel to it. It's just the demo at the moment, and we hope to re-record it and add vocals/riffs.


P.S. All of these songs were recorded with Rock Band/Guitar Hero microphones of some sort. . Except the Ballad of Love's drums, which were electronic and MIDI controlled.