I have a friend who plays guitar through his computer speakers and is also able to record through it. He uses a Boss ME-70 and simply uses a 3.5mm cable into the mic port from the pedal to the computer. It sounds quite good.

Any cheap way to do this with bass that sounds good? Preferably < $100.
the cheapest way to do it, that sounds good, to be honest, would be to buy a practice amp for less than $100
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the cheapest way to do it, that sounds good, to be honest, would be to buy a practice amp for less than $100

But I don't need to buy an amp...
line 6 gx port with its pod farm software. I think its $100, for a budget its a nice collection of amps, cabs, and effects and its compatible with most recording software. Check it out online.
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But I don't need to buy an amp...

ohhhhh, you mean you want something to take your bass to the computer?

Threads pop up ever now and again with people asking can they play through their computer speakers, which never ends well.

A tad over budget, but this would be good. Maybe look for it second hand

You need a USB audio interface like the Tascam US 100 or the Versa Port expect to pay around£80, you could also go for a mixer with a USB output like the ones by alesis for about £150.

You'd be better off asking this question in Riffs and Recordings.

If you play bass through computer speakers keep the volume down or you will break them.
I do it occaisionally with a usb audio interface and Amplitube 3 through my Altech Lansing speakers and it doesn't sound bad at all, it just takes some pretty careful EQing.
you need one of these ONly $10 at your local electronics store.

and some amp modelling software i.e Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Garageband, GuitarSuite (free).

Or a usb adapter that includes software such as Maudio JamLab ($50 online)

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I use a Steinberg CI2, it costs around 200-300 $, I think. It's awesome as well.
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this is what i use and it gives you a couple of nice options.http://www.interstatemusic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10051&langId=-1&productId=900365518&cid=gbase

1. the first thing you can do is plug this in,plug in your bass or guitar, and then go to your input settings on your computer sound settings and set it to "listen" for the device

2. second thing is you do everything the same but you take headphones and plug it into the headphone jack and set it all the way to the input side so that way you just hear your bass

3. the third way which is my preferred, is to get some amp modeling plugins (you can download the m audio version of pro tools and get something like the ampeg modeling plugin) and plugin your headphones to the interface and set it all the way to the playback side. this is my favorite because you can use the numerous amounts of amp models and premade settings to get a really nice sound out of it. i got it set right now to an awesome tone that i can't get enough of
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