im a bassist and im looking to make my own custom bass
since ive never done anything like this before, i need allot of help
so heres my dilemma,

I wanted to buy a 5string bass but i couldnt find any other than the double cutaway strat shape, i was hoping for a 5 string V (razorback flying V) but dean only makes them in 4 strings, like so

so i contacted a local guitar tech and he said that he can make it from ready made parts
but from scratch will be too inconvenient for him. i contacted the local guitar store and the dude said hell look into it but i know the guy and hes probably gonna charge me a shitload.

TL;DR : I find it cheaper and easier to build my own bass and not going to a pro

here are the specs i want so far (u can tell im not a very technical guy xD):

FLying V razorback body
5 strings
1 humbucker in the middle position (open to suggestions)
Black finish (with a few designs)
Bolt on neck
24 frets
going for a heavy metal tone

-So what r the proper steps for me to take in order to do this right? <important
-How much of a budget do i need to make a decent one?i got about 600$-700$ saved up
-What are all the calculations and sciency stuff i need to take care of?(tension, etc so it doesnt snap like a twig)
-what wood do u recommend? how cheap? tone properties?
-are there any online guides you can link me?
-any cool finish suggestions?
-and finally do u think i should go ahead and build one or just buy one off the rack?
thanx in advance
do you have any woodworking skills, access to a woodworking shop. building your own bass is very technical some luthiers say more so than a six string. planning is key before you build a thing do your homework.
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Unless you have a shop full of tools, and a good lumberyard near you that sells exotic wood, you're probably going to be out of luck.

for someone who doesnt have the necessary tools, it can be done, but remember you will spend a ton on tools. money you could spend on great hardware.
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Firstly i think good on you for wanting to do your own thing and build your own bass. However, it's not the easiest of things to do. I reccomend you get some cheap wood and try building a guitar or bass body and neck unit just to give you some practice before going onto the nice stuff. Also be prepared to spend A LOT of money on this.

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