I have this acoustic guitar that my grandma gave to me. She said it was her dad's in the 20's (I think). I need help identifying it's brand and maybe someone could tell me if it needs any repairs. The bridge is chipped up but the neck doesn't look too warped and I don't think it's lifting, either. I've heard that old Martins have the gold star shown in one of the pictures. Speaking which, I apologize if there are too many and for the crappy quality (I took them with my phone, yo). Thanks guys.

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from a few minutes of using google i found that it might be a lyon and healy, a martin, an oscar schmidt, or a washburn.
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From the way the bridge is made, and the strips on the back, I would guess its an old Washburn Parlor. Looks to be in fair shape for its age. I would take it to a luthier and have him take a look at it.
my husband just took one look and said it's a larson brothers. he said that larson brothers made guitars for other companies like maurer or stetson or dyer, and often didn't put a name on them, but that they always had binding like that in the soundhole. they weren't high end guitars, but he says "they've outlasted the other brands. they made them in small numbers and they're still around". he says that one of their things was having the marker at the tenth fret, and that sometimes used the star on the headstock.

i'm not so sure. i think the stars i've seen on them are smaller. maybe some other companies copied them. here are some larson brothers guitars


maybe you can find one like yours there.

i see the similarities with washburns - definitely - but i can't find any pics of one with a tenth fret marker or a star on it. that doesn't mean none were - just that i can't find a pic that way. btw, the closest one i found on the washburn side says it was a lyon and healy, lyon washburn being the guy who founded both, so they probably shared designs.