This is just a low quality youtube version.

I've been through a really rough summer, and recording this reminded me of my own self-worth.

This is the one recording I've ever made that I've been satisfied with.

In a couple weeks, there should be a free album finished.

I post a link if anyone wants one.

Wow... that was really really good. Like above said it was inspirational in a weirdly familiar way. If I herd this on the radio or somewhere Id be asking who it was to download it!
Keep it up, my self-worth would be wayyy up if I had written that FOR SURE!!
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The deadbeatS

Do What Your Love Tells You
Not bad really. Not bad at all. I liked the use of the violin and the background vocals. It added a nice twist not often heard on UG.
excellent job. i feel honored just to have listened to it. thats an excellent song. i really liked the violin in it.
Thanks for the comments guys.

It is nice to hear other people who can relate/empathize.

There are depths of misery, magnitudes of suffering that I had no idea existed until I felt them.

It's nice to be looking at those feelings from a new vantage point.
Good song but you need to make the vocals more upfront. The lyrics are what matters and people need to hear the clearly. Right now the violin, which I agree is excellent, dominates the mix. I'd also like it if the backing vocals were tighter with the lead.

EDIT: If you have this recorded on separate tracks you could probably set up a side-chain compressor to regulate the violin so that it stays out of the way when the vocals are present. A (relatively) quick edit job should tighten up the backing vox as well.
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While I appreciate the radio play comments, you hurt me when you compare it to John Mayer, ha ha.

Yeah, like I said, I am no professional, used only one condenser microphone for everything, and also really sought out a raw, unpolished sound, while still attempting to get the best quality I could using my equipment. I didn't want it to sound "studio". Writing and recording this wasn't about trying to make a hit. I was simply trying to capture something I felt. I wanted to preserve the richness of my emotions. I know that sounds real pretentious, but I mean it.
i'm brand new around here (as you might guess by the post count) but this song inspired me to finally register and tell you that this song is magnificent. the violin really helps convey the emotion and the background vocals really make this piece shine.

as previously mentioned though, the vocals could be a little stronger and the violin does tend to dominate. otherwise, beautifully done and keep at it!
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Thanks again for the feedback, everyone!

I am actually going to touch up the mix a little bit before the final cut, and the overwhelming sentiment seems to be that the vocals should come up a bit and the violin should be a bit softer.

So that is probably what will happen.
Woah dude...that's amazing. I love the violin, I love the singing and the guitar. Great, great stuff. For some reason, this song makes me think of Bob Dylan(even though I'm not quite fond of him). I like the chicks voice during the chorus, that was good. This is where I'd tell you to add drums and everything to it, don't, it'll take away the true emotional rawness of this, great job! KEEP IT UP!

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