So recently the decay knob on my NS-50 broke. I called to get a replacement but they no longer have them in stock.

The NS-50 is incredible in my opinion. It has a guitar in and out and then a regular in and out.
So what I do is run my guitar into it and then into my amp. Then I run my effects loop into it and then back into the return. My rig is serious noiseless until I pluck a string.

Anyways, until I can find this mysterious part (they gave me some reference number that I can't find anywhere on the internet) I'm going to be using a NS2.

Now, my question is, if I do the X pattern with the NS2, will it have the same effect on my rig like my NS-50?
Personally, I don't know. But after a few minutes of searching on Google, I found this on another forum:

Quote by MarkE
The NS-2 is not the same as the NS-50. It has its own fx loop, with all of your "noisy" pedals running inside the loop to isolate the noise from the clean signal. It can be used as a 2-plug pedal but it's not at its best that way. It's far more transparent if you use the loop as described.
i have a ns2, and mah rig is completely noiseless when i dont touch anything, and the distortion is crancked up to the max. and i use that loop that isolates all my noisy pedals. but it still sounds the same. so i would say that you wont have any problems with the ns2
I have a similar experience with my NS-2 - works very well and when I recently took my pedal board apart and tested the bypass operation I could hear no difference in tone with or without the pedal connected - in other words the pedal is not a tone sucker and the buffer works very well. For reference, I junked my TU-2 because it does effect the tone when bypassed, and I'm just warming up the soldering iron to install a true bypass in my MXR Flanger for the same reason. NS-2 is an ace bit of kit in my rig - obviously YMMV.

All the best

IMO, the NS-2 is the best noise reduction pedal you can get right now, without shelling out $250 for a G String. Mine makes my rig silent. I've even used it with my DS-1 on, my MT-2 on, and my gain maxed out, and the NS-2 slayed all of it.

I seriously doubt it'll be worse than your NS-50.
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