Hello !

A few weeks ago i bought a new Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo, awesome amp but noisy as hell. I finally got a noise gate (Boss NS-2), i first tried it in front of the amp and it doesn't really work that great. Then i decided to try the "X" pattern. It works really great and cuts all the noise, but as soon as i plug it into the effects loop the tone gets real shitty, a lot of the low end just disappear and it sounds like the treble is on 10. the same happens when i run my EHX metal muff in the loop on bypass. i tested all my cables, and they seem to be ok.

Is this shit normal ??? something wrong with the effects loop ??

btw the tone is fine when the ns-2 is in front of the amp..
because it does not cut all the preamp noise when in front, when i run it in the loop it is completely quiet.
So the problem is that as soon as i engage the loop by plugging any pedal in it totally ****in ruins my tone (sorry for bump, but i really need help with this)