Okay, so I'm I guess what you'd consider an audiophile

I just love music. So when I heard about this one band my ex recommended to me called "Best Coast" I decided sure lets give it a listen.

Now, this isn't a "let's talk about how great this band is thread" they're ok to say the least i dig the sound,but what go me was the solo on this song

Boyfriend - Best Coast

It's simple as can be, but it's very moving

Tab from UG (how redundant)

Now I love my shredorz with tons of sweeping and tapping, but damn I've listened to this simple as hell solo for about two hours straight without getting bored of it.

sooo, I guess what I'm trying to say is, do any of you all prefer simple solos opposed to the super sweep picking tappage of doom shreddorz?

I do.

FYI, just to get it outta the way, the song is dedicated to Kensai and JacobtheMe
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